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About us

We are a full family team… literally. Husband, wife and son.

But it works. We all are passionate about creating and being involved with some of the best and most exciting projects out there.

Specialists in Volkswagen and Porsche restoration, but just as happy working on any base project — we just want to create amazing, flawless cars — it actually makes us happy!

So that’s us as a team but who are we individually?

Gavin Jones

Passion for cars started when he used to smash up his own matchbox cars and buy cheap rattle cans to “repaint” them. This resulted in him getting a job with his dads friend whilst still at school age around 15, painting lorries and anything he could get his hands on. He started an apprenticeship at 16 and spent the next 3 years learning how to do it properly! After restoring his first car at 17(a Mini), Gav then moved onto VW’s — winning his first major show aged 23. The rest is history. Always striving to be better, has led to working on show car after show car and he still loves it!

Kelly Jones

So after meeting Gavin in 1993 and already in love with VW’s, she got dragged into the VW show scene. In 2006 she actually restored her own bay window and it graced the front cover and centre pages of a magazine. Although only as a hobby (until 2009), she knew it’s what she wanted to do. When she quit work and told Gav she was coming to work with him full time — instead of just weekends and evenings — he was (obviously) overjoyed. Let’s face it, did he have a choice? But it's worked ever since and she’s now known for her flawless prep on small detail parts and floor pans — it's just become her thing.

Billy Jones

Billy never really stood a chance did he? First born son — he was born to weld! After a season snowboarding in Banff, Canada, Gavin showed him around the welder and the rest is history. It became instantly apparent he had natural skills as a welder — an ability to pick apart rusty rubbish and using a mix of good parts and fabrication to bring it all back together again. Welding soon became his thing and all the hours building technical Lego sets and Warhammer really paid off! He can solve problems, get rid of rust and make a project look like it’s not been welded. As good as original. In fact no. Better.